Client Ambassador Program


In order to accomplish our mission here at The Perfect Step, we need strong, committed and active ambassadors to build relationships with potential clients in the community who are suffering from paralysis. 


Get Free Therapy

For every four hours of time donated or two client referrals within a month, you will receive free hours of therapy sessions at TPS.

Gain Leadership Skills

You will be communicating with hospital staff and newly admitted patients to offer education and support.

Make meaningful relationships

By sharing your experience and knowledge with perspective clients, you will make a huge impact with those in the paralysis community. 

here's what you need to do

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Interview with us


Spread the word & get free therapy!


Ambassador responsibilities:

  • Ensure the long-term success of The Perfect Step through regular visitations to local hospital(s) that treat people with spinal cord injuries and other forms of paralysis.
  • Build relationships with hospital staff to ensure that when a new patient is admitted, the client ambassadors are contacted to meet the patient and their family in order to offer them both education and support.
  • Attend recruiting events, such as expos, and events at other venues.
  • Must keep track of miles traveled and places visited, along with people whom they have met.
  • Education includes setting up tours for the patient and their family at The Perfect Step.
  • Meet with the Facility Manager once a month to evaluate progress within the community.
  • Quarterly commitment (extensions within the Ambassador program may be awarded based on performance).
  • Ambassadors are responsible to log activity including potential leads, people they spoke to, travel, and hospitals they visited each month. The Perfect Step staff will follow up with leads that the ambassador has turned in.
  • Ambassadors WILL NOT SUPPORT, PROMOTE, PARTICIPATE OR ATTEND a competitor of The Perfect Step.

We promise to provide:

 All the marketing materials available in order for you to better support and educate all newly injured patients and their families
 Custom care package from the Be Perfect Foundation and the Claremont Club. Contents to include The Perfect Step car decal, wristband and program materials (custom care package contents may vary)
 Open and honest communication designed to produce tangible results
 Active support from all Client Ambassadors and The Perfect Step staff to accomplish shared goals


Free Therapy Details

  • For every four hours of time that the Client Ambassador donates, they shall receive one free hour of Perfect Step training (this includes travel time). The maximum amount of hours a Client Ambassador can donate in a month is eight hours (equating to no more than two hours of complementary training time). Donated hours must be used in the same month and cannot be accrued and carried over to the following months. This also applies to awarded sessions; this may not be carried over and must be used within the same month.
  • For every two clients that the ambassador refers, they shall receive one hour of free training. The two new clients must commit to training at The Perfect Step a minimum of one month and have four hours of recorded training to qualify as a client referral.

TPS Ambassador Application

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