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Offering a Center for Paralysis Recovery in Every Region Throughout The U.S.


The Perfect Step is now offering partnership opportunities for pre-qualified locations in various regions throughout the country. The Perfect Step is exploring partnership opportunities in the form of potentially franchise locations, or a hybrid model on a per site basis. It is our intent as a business development staff to not only present a viable, sustainable, economically feasible, and profitable business option to those who are interested, but also we intend to fulfill our mission of putting this effective recovery option in every major region across the country. As a business development staff, we understand that there are some key deliverables that we need to produce to keep our partners happy and to ensure long-term success and sustainability of our brand throughout the continental United States. Some of these key deliverables in the form of ongoing training, support, and operational guidance are (these levels of support are a part of your initial start-up partnership fee and ongoing royalties/fees/profit sharing): business startup guidance, learning management systems, live training sessions, administrative support/ operational guidance, marketing/fundraising suite, custom website creation and SEO support, equipment and merchandise purchase system,  multiple site visits per year. This ongoing support will be delivered out of our national headquarters location in Claremont, California at The Perfect Step Claremont (at The Claremont Club).

As a very passionate core group of our corporate staff team, we are in the business of affecting lives long before we are receiving life-changing profits from this business model. Thus, we are looking for equally passionate entrepreneurs and club owners who are willing to partner with us to make a profound difference across the country. Together, we are stronger and can make a true impact on the lives of many.

Location is pivotal in the expansion process of the TPS brand. While some might feel that it is conducive to put satellite locations throughout the country, as a business development staff at TPS, we understand that building a quality brand is better than building a brand of quantity. We understand that TPS locations can only thrive in certain locations and under certain parameters. We intend to put TPS satellite locations in every major densely populated region throughout the country to provide access to an important service for those living with paralysis at an affordable cost. We believe that a densely populated region of those living with paralysis, surrounding your location, gives you a great opportunity to ensure long-term success.

The Perfect Step is different.

The Perfect Step is a world-renowned facility for treatment to those living with paralysis and a multitude of neurological ailments. The Perfect Step treats clients who suffer from Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke, Parkinson’s, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injury, ALS, and PLS. The Perfect Step exists to provide an improved quality of life to people with paralysis through intense exercised-based recovery programs, education, research and development. The Perfect Step believes that "Exercise is Medicine" and the best form of medicine that any doctor can prescribe is a healthy, active, and fit lifestyle based around exercise.

The Perfect Step treats hundreds of clients every year and has trainers with tens of thousands of hours of experience to show for it. The facility’s approach towards exercise-based therapy leaves individuals suffering from paralysis in a better position to succeed and regain self-identity, self-confidence, and independence through intense training.  Furthermore, when you train at The Perfect Step, you join a community of people who are done making excuses and are ready to live lives of purpose.

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Are you interested in bringing a partnered location to your neck of the woods? Maybe the next step is for us to give a presentation to you so you can learn more about the operational guidance and support that you will get as a partner as well as a detailed plan about our business model and how it can be best suited for your geographical location.

Please contact us for more information about partnership opportunities and how you can be a part of our mission of providing an important and affordable outpatient recovery care model in every major region across the country. We’d be honored to present to you to see if we’re the right fit for you.




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