Our Mission

To do whatever it takes to help people with paralysis regain their independence and personal confidence in who they are.


our name

"The Perfect Step" is the figurative first step a person takes when they decide to begin their journey to recovery.  It’s that one single step in the right direction that will make all the difference.  

While we know that the road to recovery is long, no one can decide to take that step in the right direction for you. It can be incredibly scary to hope again or to set goals you don’t know if you can reach.  But once you do decide to take that critical first step, we believe that we have the staff, knowledge, acumen, tools, and the equipment to assist you down that road and continue those steps forward in your recovery.  

But you and only you can take that first step - so what are you waiting for? Now is the time to take your perfect step and change your life.




July, 2007

In the middle of the desert on a dark interstate highway, several fire trucks arrive on the scene of a semi-truck that has lost control and flipped four times. Inside the cab is 17 year-old Hal Hargrave Jr. who would soon be told by doctors he had broken his neck, scapula, and a fractured T1-2 vertebrae. The main damage was sustained at the cervical 5/6 vertebrae, which bursted into his spinal cord, giving Hal a spinal cord injury.

September, 2007

Mike Alpert, CEO of a local health club & wellness center The Claremont Club, visits Hal in the hospital and offers to convert one of the club's racquetball courts into a small adapted gym so Hal could work out.  Hal, who was still recovering from his own spinal cord injury, soon invites over 20 injured people all needing the same type of therapy to join him at the Club.

October 2007

Hal, Mike and the Hargrave family realize there is a need to offer more client hours and add trainers. So three of the Claremont Club's trainers head to the world-renowned spinal cord injury facility, Project Walk in Carlsbad, California to get trained in the Dardzinski method and become official Recovery Specialists.


Hal approaches Mike with the idea of expanding the operation beyond the 17 clients they currently served, and opening the doors of the first ever Project Walk franchise. Mike was supportive and even offered to expand his small gym from 700 square feet into a larger 3000 square foot space on the campus of the Claremont Club.


With this successful treatment facilitated by Tanya Slusser, we begin to explore how our methodology might benefit clients suffering from ALS, PLS, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, and other forms of chronic illnesses. Today we treat 30+ patients who live with these ailments. 


Our trainer, Tanya Slusser is recognized as world trainer of the year by Club Industry for her creative approach to working with a client Mike Alpert knew who was diagnosed with ALS.


The center completes another major expansion and is renamed, The Perfect Step. With 7000 square feet of space,  it now has the capacity to treat up to 150 clients and includes two new office spaces for future endeavors such as massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractor services, and psychological services.


The Perfect Step’s journey has just began.  We are excited to duplicate our model and success across the country by partnering with franchise owners that want to open a TPS facility themselves and provide an incredible service with incredible outcomes.

We are also engaged in a multi-year IRB Approved Medical Research Study conducted by Kaiser Permanente at The Perfect Step. The purpose is to measure quality of life and reduction of secondary complications using our methodology and "patterned neural activity recruitment” which will help fight for legislative reform and third party reimbursement for programs like ours so people living with paralysis can live their healthiest richest lives.


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