Why you should train at
The Perfect Step


Most therapy for paralysis is based on old-school science designed to make life more comfortable inside your wheelchair.  At The Perfect Step we leverage the latest data and discoveries to push the limits of what is possible for people living with paralysis so you can live your healthiest life.


Wheelchair Free

All exercises are performed with you out of your wheelchair to get your body moving and build your strength.

Retrain your brain

We use the science of PNAR  (Patterned Neural Activity Recruitment™) to reorganize your nervous system and/or rebuild your brains pathways to get more tangible outcomes than traditional therapy


You're in good hands with our “Certified Paralysis Recovery Specialists™”  - they’ve spent thousands of hours helping people like you.


You’ll join a community of people who are passionately committed to living life to the fullest despite the reality of paralysis.


The Facility

An arsenal of tools to help you recover.

We believe that having the right tools for the job can make all the difference.  

That's why our 7000 square-foot facility is filled to the brim with the latest machines and gear to maximize your results.  We use both standard equipment proven over the decades and breakout technologies such as our latest investment in robotic-assisted therapy. 


Come See it for yourself!

Don't have the time or the opportunity to see the facility in person?

What about a virtual tour? Wouldn't you love to see what the facility looks like from your desktop? Would you love to see and hear about all of the great equipment that we have to utilize? Click on the link below to check out a 3-D tour (accompanied with many videos of our equipment) of our facility here in Claremont, California.

What to Expect


Whether you are recently paralyzed, going to therapy and dissatisfied with the results, or have stopped going to therapy altogether, The Perfect Step will help you get healthy.

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We know you want to live a healthy life - but it’s an understatement to say that living life in a wheelchair makes keeping your body physically healthy difficult.  Living with paralysis also makes keeping your head in the game difficult too - it’s far too easy to sit at home and let depression creep in while it seems like the rest of the world goes on it’s merry way.

Unfortunately, most clinics will offer you therapy consisting of basic activity where the goal is maintenance - not challenging your body and pushing its limits.  Worse, most clinics leave the aspect of your mental game entirely out of the picture. It’s not surprising that the results from the status quo of therapy are unimpressive.

The Perfect Step is different. Our world-renowned facility offers exercise-based treatment for those living with paralysis - meaning while the others teach you how to get comfy in your wheelchair, we’ll get you out of the chair and in action. We treat hundreds of clients every year and have trainers with tens-of-thousands of hours of experience to show for it. Our approach puts individuals suffering from paralysis in a better position to succeed and regain self-identity, self-confidence, and independence through intense training.  Furthermore, when you train at The Perfect Step, you join a community of people who are done making excuses and are ready to live lives of purpose.

If you want to live a more independent life, reduce your chance of ending up back in the hospital from secondary conditions, and build friendships with people who get it, schedule a tour today so you can see what life is like at The Perfect Step for yourself.


Amazing Results TPS Clients Have Experienced


Body sores, bladder infections, spastic hypertonia, heterotrophic ossification, osteopenia, osteoporosis, blood pressure issues, blood clotting, respiratory issues; therapy at TPS has shown to reduce these for many clients.


Small physical improvements can mean big things for daily life. The Perfect Step clients have regained the ability to stand, have experienced increased control of fingers, and other ranges of movement.


After beginning therapy at TPS, many clients find their ailments reduced so they need significantly less medication or drop their medication programs entirely.


Depression is easy to slip into.  Many of our clients report a more positive outlook and a stronger sense of purpose after starting therapy.


Since everyone is at a different point on the recovery journey, our clients counsel and encourage each other through connecting with people who “get it”.


What people are saying

When I first came five years ago, I was using a walker and a wheelchair. Now I can stand on my own.
— Brandon Rayburn
Love this place! They have helped my husband so much! The staff is wonderful! So blessed to be part of this world!
— DeAnn Manuel Campbell

Gym access for your family.

Who doesn’t want to go to the gym with their family?  When your family drops you off at your session, they are free to use the The Claremont Club facilities and get in their own workout at no additional cost. *Restrictions Apply

Live a healthy life together.  



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Program Options


The Perfect Step offers various programs so you can get the life-changing care you need no matter where you are. All of the programs are tailored to meet each client's recovery needs.


Local Client Program

This program is for clients who live near a TPS facility and can attend on a regular basis (daily/weekly/monthly)

Visiting Client Program

This program is designed for clients who do not live near one of our locations. Visiting programs are a minimum of one week.

Train Your Trainer Program

Similar to the Visiting Client Program but allows for a friend or family member to receive training in our method.