Cris Seibel

Name: Chris Seibel

Date of injury: 11-28-2009    

Level of injury: Spinal cord injury lumbar 1st Vertebrae 

Brief description of how you are injured: Sandbuggy accident in Dumont Sand Dunes.

What type of assistance has Be Perfect foundation provided for you and how has that helped regain an independent and active lifestyle?B.P. has provided weekly (exercise base therapy) which has helped me continue to regain what i lost after my accident.  Exercise is medicine, which gives me the wonderful life of independence.

How has Be Perfect re-instilled hope back into your life again? By showing and supporting my confidence in myself to live a normal life again. Also,  B.P. has given me the courage to share my story and encourage others that life continues.

How has Project Walk helped you? Pw has given me a place to feel encouraged, comfortable and equipment to allow me to exercise tuned for S.C.I. victims.

Beau Morris