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The Perfect Step began in a small converted racquetball court in 2007 to provide therapy to Hal Hargrave after a tragic automobile accident.  The local paralysis community took notice which sparked the creation of what is now known as The Perfect Step – a 7000 square-foot facility that treats paralysis along with many different neurological ailments and illnesses.

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Every TPS Trainer is an Expert


Our staff members are dedicated to helping patients reach their full potential. Each stage of our Certified Paralysis Recovery Specialist (CPRS) training requires more in depth training, studying, research, and hands on hours.


CPRS Level 1

  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in exercise science related field

  • Completes introductory four-week certification course to become CPRS Level I Certified

  • Able to present scientific information to non-medical and medical professionals

  • Successfully passed TPS CPRS Exam(s)


CPRS Level 2

  • Completed 2,500 hours of hands on client time

  • Evaluates and prescribes unique exercise routines

  • Successfully passed CPRS Exam(s)


CPRS Level 3

  • Completed 4,500 hours of hands on client sessions

  • Prescribes patients programs

  • Studies new techniques for paralysis recovery training

  • Successfully passed the CPRS Exam(s)


CPRS Educator

  • Completed 6,000 hours of hands on client sessions

  • Designs programs for patients

  • Coaches and educates patients and staff

  • Develops research projects based on the new science or technology surrounding paralysis recovery

  • Successfully passed CPRS Exam(s)

Partners That Make TPS Possible


The Perfect Step

The Perfect Step is a 7000 square foot paralysis recovery center located on the campus of The Claremont Club.  The operation is powered by a passionate team of 10+ Paralysis Recovery Specialists and their support staff. In addition to providing intense activity-based recovery programs, TPS also provides education, training, research in the paralysis recovery field.

The Claremont Club

The Claremont Club provides infrastructure and services essential for day-to-day operations at The Perfect Step such as administrative assistance, human resources, marketing, and much much more. Their generous support makes it possible to keep the program’s quality high and the cost for clients as low as possible.

The Be Perfect Foundation

The Be Perfect Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) that provides direct financial and emotional aid to individuals living with paralysis. The financial support Be Perfect provides helps pay for the cost of therapy, purchase medical necessities, and providing guidance and emotional support.

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